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Monday, December 6, 2010


Well, if you haven't noticed, this blog is losing steam.  The newness is wearing off and it sure feels a lot like homework anymore.  But I do want to keep it going as a type of journal that my family can look back on and remember some of the fun times that we've had.  The biggest problem is that it is usually late at night when I do these posts. I'm tired and all I want to do is go to bed.  I don't want to do homework.  I thought I was done with that years ago.

Another recent problem for this blog was my surgery.  It was definitely not a good thing for me to be restricted from exercising during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have no self control.  Heidi made such a nice meal, and I ate it for the next three days.  All of the pies and friendship bread that have been in our house the last couple weeks didn't help either.  I have definitely done a 180 as far as weight loss is concerned.  It might not be as bad as I fear, but I haven't dared check the scale.  When you are used to exercising on a regular basis and then have to stop temporarily, you just "feel" yourself getting fatter every day.  But, it's now time to get back into the game and kick some little calorie butt.

This past weekend was great! Mostly.  It started Saturday morning with Randi's spin class.  This was my first attempt at exercising since the surgery.  It went really good, except for the fact that I definitely felt out of shape.  I did experience a bit of numbness, but I attribute it mostly to just having been inactive lately.  It doesn't take long to start losing what you have worked so hard to obtain.  Hopefully it returns just as fast.  The class kicked my butt, but it felt really good while it was doing it.

During class, Randi said that her family had gone downtown the night before to watch a movie and see the christmas lights at Temple Square.  It sounded like something that would be fun to try with our kids.  And for the most part it was.  However, there were a few times that I questioned our sanity.  It is so frustrating when you try to do something fun for your kids and they spend a lot of the time fighting with each other and just generally not listening to you.  These "family times" never turn out as cool as I think they are going to.  But like I said, for the most part it was fun.

We decided that we would ride the Trax to downtown.  That was our first mistake.  When we got to the station I couldn't get the machine to read my debit card and print us some tickets.  It was bad enough that it was costing me $24 to give the kids a ride on the "train".  The last thing I needed was the machine to not work.  While silently cussing the machine, the next train came and left without us on it.  We told the kids we would just be driving tonight and Chase was not happy with that.  When Chase is not happy about something, everyone within 4 city blocks knows it.  He had been so excited to ride the train.  I felt bad but what could I do?  We decided that we would just buy 5 tickets, which was $20, and we could pay it with cash.  We later found out that we only needed 5 anyways, Chase could ride for free.  Twenty minutes later we were happily riding the rails.

Chase was so excited to ride the train

When we got downtown after having missed the first train, we had just under 30 minutes to eat before the movie started.  We went to the Gateway (outdoor mall) for both dinner and the movie.

Being a weekend night, all of the places to eat were very busy.  BYU had just finished playing a basketball game at the Energy Solutions Arena and their fans were everywhere.  The night was not going very smoothly so far.  It was looking like dinner was going to be popcorn at the movie, and I was starving.  Then we got lucky.  Right next to the theatre was a Costa Vida mexican restaurant.  We knew the line would move quickly and we might be able to get through and eat in the 30 minutes we had.  And we did, barely.

The movie we saw was Megamind.  It was an animated movie in 3D, like every other movie being made right now.  It was a better movie than I had expected.  In fact, I liked it.  That was a nice surprise.

After the movie was over it was time for another train ride to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

By the time we got to Temple Square it was 9:30.  The younger kids, Chase mostly, were starting to act tired and I was quietly wondering how long they would tolerate having to continue walking around.  But there is something magical about all those lights.  Once inside and surrounded by the spirit of Christmas, the kids came alive.  It really is a beautiful sight to see all those lights.

The weekend ended with a little lighting of our own.  We had a couple of good snow storms a couple weeks ago and it has been really cold since then.  So cold that the snow hasn't been melting. I was starting to think I wasn't going to get any lights on the house for Christmas this year.  I felt bad because I know the kids like to have lights on the house.  I do to.  Luckily, the last few days have been a little warmer and melted the snow off the roof.  So I took advantage.

The holidays are officially here.  I hope you all have a wonderful season with your family and friends!

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